Content marketing explained

Content marketing explained in a little story 🔍

Imagine…… 🪄

Andre, his wife and 2 boys want to go to Mozambique for the holidays. They are thinking about Ponta do Ouro. However, they are not sure if it’s interesting for their 2 kids.

Andre goes to google and searches activities for children in Ponta. Google shows several guesthouses & hotels but they are still not sure if Ponta is the right place, so he is not interested in places to stay(yet).

One of the google search results is titled:

5 fun activities for children while on a holiday in Ponta.

Andre clicks on the link and realises this is what he was looking for. Ponta seems to be great for their kids and he also gets a lot of useful tips for families and parents with children about how to make the most of a holiday in Ponta.

Andre now sees that the article is on the website of a guesthouse that is dedicated to families with children. This is exactly what Andre was looking for. He now knows, Ponta is the right destination and he also found accommodation already 🙌🏾

The guesthouse that published this blog with useful tips & info now made sales through content marketing 💫

In Content Marketing Institute words: “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Are you creating and distributing valuable content relevant to your audience?

Want to explore the possibilities?

What kind of content are you sharing?

🤫I have a little secret to tell

Posting your promo in each post on your socials is not gonna get you new customers.

Posting a picture of every different hotel room with the caption ‘book now’ is also not gonna work. 

Your followers will get bored and you will miss potential future bookings ❌

So there’s a little formula you should stick to:

🗣 Organic posts should be 80% inspiring content and 20% hard sales ❗️

With content marketing you engage with your ideal client and keep them interested, get them invested in the brand and create a desire to act.

80% or your content needs to be inspiring, educating & entertaining. Unsalesy content will boost your social media organic reach.

Tell me, if you reevaluate your socials; is this formula applicable to your online presence?

In a next post I will tell you more about content marketing and how to use it.

5 content ideas for the hospitality sector

Are you stuck coming up with new content or don’t you have any idea at all what to post about? Let me help you to get started, I’ll share with you a few content ideas today. I am sure you came up with the basics already so in this post we will focus on some different ideas.⁣

1.Behind the scenes⁣
Take your followers by the hand and show them behind the scenes. Create a video of your chef preparing his mise en place or take them with you grocery shopping or show them what a day looks like at your place. What time does the staff come in, what happens first etc. Whatever it is, showing a few behind the scenes always interests the follower.⁣

2.Guest reviews ⁣
Social media is a great place to showcase your reviews. You can copy them from tripadvisor or or you can create attractive visuals with your reviews. It helps guests deciding if they want to stay at your place.⁣

3.Activities in and around town⁣
Guests want to know about activities and highlights to see around town. Show them around in a video, or create separate posts with places to visit. Tell your followers where they can find tickets for public transport, how it works and keep an up to date agenda with latest activities. ⁣

4. Answer FAQ ⁣
Write down some of the most frequently asked questions and create posts about that. You can use a ask me sticker in stories or just film yourself answering the questions. Or you can make different posts per question and put them under one highlight FAQ. On Instagram you can make Reels in which you can add music and text, this would be a great way to answer those FAQ. ⁣

5. Room tours⁣
Instead of just posting pictures of your rooms give a tour around the hotel on video. Take the guests by their hands and show them around, what are the most beautiful rooms and their views, what other services do you offer and tell them what they can expect. ⁣

These were just a few ideas but of course the possibilities are endless. I hope this got the creative process of content producing started.⁣

Keep in mind that just posting pictures randomly is not going to do the work. You need to have a basic social strategy in place 👏

Are you using social media to its full potential?

I know wearing all the different hats within your business isn’t easy. Your to do list only gets longer by the day and you simply don’t have time to post on social media. You post inconsistently and sometimes run out of ideas and disappear for a while. Just owning an account is not enough anymore, and you know it. A good strategy can grow your business and build relationships but you don’t know where to get started.

Let me share 3 tips with you to get started:

Batch content:Choose a day in the week or whenever you feel inspired and create content for the whole month.

Plan your created content ahead of you:There are great tools that help you schedule the posts so you don’t even have to think about it.

Analyse:Keep track of what does and doesn’t work and keep improving.

How would you feel if you knew you are using social media to its full potential? You’ve outsourced it and no longer have to stress about it? Your online presence stands out from competitors while building those relationships and attracting your ideal clients? It is possible. Just outsource it to me. Your business is in good hands

Hiring a VA/SMM: 4 advantages

1. Focus on your core business

VA’s can assist in many different ways. They free up your valuable time so you can focus your energy on the activities that are most important within your business

2. No logistical costs

Since a virtual assistant works virtually, no extra costs are involved. Your VA does not need extra space in your office and takes care of his/her own coffee!

3. Tasks you don’t like

We all have those tasks you shouldnt be doing yourself. As a business owner, just don’t do them, outsource to your VA/SMM

4. No costs for extra training

You can expect from VA’s to be up to date with the latest software that is needed to do the job properly. You are saving time and money!

As you can see, hiring a va overall saves you money! And time! Saving money + time

= winning!

Of course there are many more advantages of hiring a va. Just contact a VA and

see what they can do for you! What is holding you back?