What kind of content are you sharing?

🤫I have a little secret to tell

Posting your promo in each post on your socials is not gonna get you new customers.

Posting a picture of every different hotel room with the caption ‘book now’ is also not gonna work. 

Your followers will get bored and you will miss potential future bookings ❌

So there’s a little formula you should stick to:

🗣 Organic posts should be 80% inspiring content and 20% hard sales ❗️

With content marketing you engage with your ideal client and keep them interested, get them invested in the brand and create a desire to act.

80% or your content needs to be inspiring, educating & entertaining. Unsalesy content will boost your social media organic reach.

Tell me, if you reevaluate your socials; is this formula applicable to your online presence?

In a next post I will tell you more about content marketing and how to use it.

Gepubliceerd door Charline van Deth

Your Content Marketer

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