Pinterest for business?

Are you wondering what Pinterest can do for your business? I’ll share with you 3 reasons why Pinterest could be interesting.

Whatever type of business you are in, the first step is to find out if your audience is on Pinterest. It has among 200 million monthly users like parents, millennials and it reaches both men and women. Chances are high that you will have an audience on Pinterest. Do some research and decide for your self.⁣

📌 1 Pinterest can help you grow traffic to your website. ⁣

⁣Every pin that you upload has a direct link to a page on your website. So you can make a pin from let’s say product A that goes directly to the page where you sell product A on your website. ⁣

📌 2 Increase your search engine ranking⁣

⁣Using keywords on Pinterest is very important since it is a search engine. Keywords allow users to find the content they are looking for. When you use keywords the right way you can easily increase your ranking in online search engine machines and bring more traffic to your website. ⁣

📌 3 Grow your audience ⁣

⁣When you pin frequently your pins will gain popularity as they could be pinned to different boards. Your brand gets exposed to potential clients. People who have never heard about you will see your pins and get to know your brand. It is really important to use good quality pictures and you should have clear brand guidelines.

Gepubliceerd door Charline van Deth

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